Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

Out now: single “lust auf liebe”

Yuhuuoeoeoeoeoe, everybody!! ab heute gibt es meine neue single “lust auf liebe”………Yes ”desire to love” for my English homies….
+ bonustrack …..piramide für die, die keine lust auf liebe haben,hihi!
zum hören geht’s unter anderem zu:

zum kaufen, was natürlich viel besser ist findet ihr meine songs in eurem online music store.
Ich kann es kaum erwarten die songs endlich live zu spielen am 23-06-09 in Berlin und am 27-07-09 in Hamburg. Für mehr info und weitere termine: pls. visit my website .
Tja weiter probe ich ganz fleißig, etc. Noch mall GET THE SINGLE ☺
my young niece Anna is rocking the new triangle pants like a pro. But In fact she is only 18 and this was her first experience modeling. I was amazed and off course very proud of her and the way she naturally Shined all the way trough the shoot. Well the clothes speak for themselves...still I have to ad that the huge vest is my new thing. It’s that kinda outfit that makes you look like a million buck regardless if it’s combined with tight jeans or baggies….love it…well Soon these items will also be available in the anna-alha-betic online store but if you can’t wait. check out sent them a mail to order or contact me @ mail: I’m now working on my new items for the ANNA-ALPHA-BETIC (ABC) online store and further locations in Berlin. More…………….yup…..:-) To get this collection done I spend the whole month of April in Rotterdam where I was raised. It was Somewhat of a holiday mixed with fam. Visits and work. Yeah work, actually it was really fun working on designing and sawing The new items for my label. My mom is the greatest she showed me new tricks and how to make my cuts better couldn’t have done it without her. Thanx mom love you. Also have to thank my sister Priscilla Reynolds and her partner Serjeane for having so much patience with me :-). Other designers @ fuse designers are. Pricci, Serjeane, Lazy One, Djavan, Ackermanns…..and more..some cool stuff I’d love to rock check it out!!